Elza Khusnutdinova
Institute of Biochemistry and Genetics, Ufa Research Center of RAS

Ethnogenomics of the Eurasian population

Analysis of full-genome data for the population of Nothern Eurasia provides one of the key approaches to the study of the genetic structure, history, and relationships of the peoples inhabiting this region. Due to the volume and peculiar features of the data, various methods of bioinformatics are used for processing and extracting interesting patterns from the data: ADMIXTURE, SmartPCA, BEAGLE, ChromoPainter, fineSTRUCTURE, GLOBETROTTER. For the first time, an all-inclusive study of polymorphism of the mitochondrial DNA, Y chromosome and full-genome data revealed detailed characteristics of peoples of the Volga-Ural region, Caucasus, Central Asia, and Siberia. A cholistic picture of genetic interrelations between these populations is presented.