Dmitry Nikolaev
Institute for Information Transmission Problems of the RAS (Kharkevich Institute) and Visillect

Snapscreen - Visual AI Way Towards the Future of TV

We present “Snapscreen”, a prototypical second screen app. Snapscreen is a platform allowing content providers (TV channels, broadcasters) to offer content-related information and services to users watching TV content in a transparent way. Users only need to install the app on their mobile device and can than take snaps of currently watched TV content. This image is processed in the app to generate an identification key to be sent to the snapscreen server where it is matched to images of TV content in real time. Once a specific program/TV station has been identified, information and services related to this content are sent back to the user for interaction. Thus, we argue that Snapscreen is able to bridge television and Internet intuitively by using the detected television content as Internet query. Snapscreen positions itself independent from specific television channels (stations, broadcaster) and television content. Installing a single app can offer access to a variety of interactive services, linked to highly diverse content, offered by different television channels.